How did it all get out of hand?

The feeling of being powerless,

The drama is creeping up again,

Can’t stand these blinking eyes… cause I’m sinking into paralysis,

Deafening, but I can manage~it, that darkness is coming back again,

So Lord I look upon, to see if you can… catch me.


It’s been a long time since I’ve flowed these thoughts through my fingertips,

Ballpoint to paper, and the fumes are smelling sweet,

Causing dizziness and nausea, palpitations effect my heartbeat,

I don’t want to lose him, loser is not the path for me,

But it seems inevitably, that the control… from the old chain_and_ball,

Is directing and asserting power,

I fall down like a burning tower,

Crumbling away… for heartbreak… heartbreak.


It’s been a while.




Turn It Off

Turn it off….

Also I apologise for my absence.

Turn it Off

Here’s a new video guys…

I apologise for my absence.

Hope you all will enjoy.

I Blacked Out

When you get angry, what colours do you see?

Often for me…


The definite red, followed by the surrounding black,

And I’m the insignificant dot, lost on the map,

People CAN be forgettable, it’s just the facade of tact,

The diplomacy is coating the actual facts… the most inner thoughts that are wrapped.


So I got angry at him… I would call that fair,

With the hurting spear, speech that tore through the air – and crippled my ear,

Two years, constant grief… for the tiny relief’s that I receive,

So I snapped… I screamed, stomped and shouted.  I only deceived me,

Maybe I should of blotted red, the warning flash,

Nevermind, I just reign in the difficult mass.


London Riots – So we don’t gel?

Seized Fairy Tale

Another note… no offence to people who follow a religion, you do what you have to do, and what you feel comfortable with.


Dealing With My Inhibitions







I’m not going to crack under pressure,

With each fucking goading remark you make,

We know that life isn’t always filled with leisure,

My silence I will not have you break,

You consist of wanting to move forward and your intentions are great,

Magnificence filled in your heart, but you walk the wrong forked path,

I don’t slate you in any way, and I hold you close to this day,

How a gruff tone could change into a crippling laugh,

I Lenny Kravitz in my mind, just to fly away, fly away,

Stretch my wings and each feather is caressed by the wind,

My inhibitions blown away like dust particles in the Sun’s rays,

All the unsettling awkward moments make me want to cringe.

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